Surjatini (Tini) Widjojo, PhD





Tini received her PhD in Computer Science at the University of Southern California under the direction of Professor David S. Wile.

Tini is interested in hands on design, development and deployment of heterogeneous, distributed databases and applications.

Work Experience

Makena Technologies, San Mateo, CA

June 2005 to March 2010. Senior Software Engineer/Director.

Develop server side applications for virtual world Responsible for QA group, data warehouse reporting and product development. Design, implement, release features involving real estate, billing, member programs, etc.

Cerulean Studios, LLC, CT

Nov 2003 - May 2005. Senior Software Engineer.

Design and develop an instant messaging server back end.

eBay, Inc, San Jose, CA

2002 to Feb 2003. Architect.

Design and assist in implementation of Version 3 of eBay auction system.

1999 to 2003. Director, Performance & Architecture.

Responsible for system performance and architecture. Projects include splitting the back end database functionally as well as horizontally allowing for significant performance and scalability, removing single points of failure in the system. Responsibilities also include design, maintain and approve data model and application interactions with it for performance and scalability. Hired and trained the initial cadre of eBay DBAs and datawarehouse reporting teams.

jul 1997 to 1999. Senior Software Developer.

Design, develop and deploy core eBay web applications using C++, ISAPI, oci (oracle's API) and html. Some of the major projects include: bidding engine, category management, user management. Acting DBA responsible for database design, indices, maintenance.

Sumitomo Sitix Silicon, Inc

July 1995 - 1997. Sr. Programmer/Analyst.

Led, designed and (partially) implemented a three tier client server application for an Engineering Quality Database System using Visual Basic and ODBC with hooks to a manufacturing execution system (Mesa from Camstar) on IBM AS/400. Database is stored in Microsoft SQL server on NT. Also maintained and improved a mission critical Quality database application that stores wafer related data measured from various instruments at different stages of manufacturing operations. Extended and redesigned portions of the database schema for optimization using Powerhouse 4GL and Cobol.

Institute of Systems Science/National University of Singapore

July 1990 to Feb 1995. Associate Research Staff.

Worked on various applied research projects including optimization of queries on heterogeneous databases, an object database manager for a medical information system used to store images (CAT and MRI) as well as text and annotations on images (joint collaboration with Johns Hopkins University under Center for Information Enhanced Medicine), Singapore?s IT2000 national initiative to design and implement a National Information Infrastructure (joint project with the National Computer Board, Singapore). Worked with DCE, CORBA, SGML as part of this project. Also acted as Sybase DBA for the research group in my spare time.

USC/Information Sciences Institute

Aug 1985 to July 1990. Research Assistant.

Participated in various research projects including AP5 (Automatic Programming) and FSD (Formalized Software Development). Provided persistence for loosely coupled sharing between systems. Programmed in Lisp on Lisp machines.

University of Southern California

Aug 1984 to May 1985. Teaching assistant - Compiler Design.

This is a final year undergraduate course that includes a student project to develop a compiler for a simplified C language using lexical analyzers and parser generators.


B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. in Computer Science

University of Southern California
May 1984, Aug 1985, Jul 1990